BOEING 737-800

Fixed Base Flight Simulator

manufactured by AGRONN simulation technologies in 2015 in Istanbul, TURKEY.

It is designed as an aviation experience  and training device.

BOEING 737 NG simulator 

OZU flight simulator center
AGRONN Cockpit Structure
AGRONN 737 fire panel
OZU flight simulator center
RETINA brown
RETINA brown
Boeing 737-800 Overhead
AGRONN fixed base B737NG simulator


  • Upper DU: N1 Indicators, EGT Indicators, Fuel Flow Indicators, Fuel Quantity Indicators, Fuel Alert Indicators and Crew Alert

  • Lower DU: N2 Indicators, Fuel Flow Indicators, Oil Pressure Indicators, Oil Temperature Indicators, Oil Quantity Indicators & Engine Vibration Indicators


  • The visual system: Renders day, night, dawn and dusk visuals, selectable special effects, fog, haze, sun glare. Airport lighting  taxiway markings, runway edge, runway centreline and taxiway lighting, runway heading indicators, touchdown zone, threshold markings, approach guidance lighting and approach lead-in lighting.


  • The Throttle Features: Thrust Levers, Thrust Reverse Levers, Flap Lever with Go Around Gates, Speed Brake Lever, TO/GA Switch, A/T Disconnect Switches, Stabiliser Trim Wheels, Fuel Control Switches and Park Brake.


Single User

Flight Training Device

manufactured by AGRONN simulation technologies in 2016 in Istanbul, TURKEY.

It is designed as an aviation experience  and training device.

Flight Information Board
MyTOP flight panel
MyTOP flight panel
MyTOP flight panel
XTOP pro flight panel
STOKK visual system
XTOP & MyTOP flight panels
STOKK half dome screen
Single Channel Visual
Curved Screen
Simulation Display

TWIN & SINGLE engine FTD give pilots a mental edge by providing a safe training environment conducive to learning, practising and understanding instrument procedures. An actual aircraft cockpit does not usually provide such an environment. Indeed, it can be quite overwhelming for new instrument flight students who in the early phases of training, often fail to develop proper instrument thinking skills to gain and maintain proficiency. 


  • 150° external half dome visual system

  • MULTI PANEL a full Autopilot, extra controls for Auto Throttle, Flaps and Pitch Trim.

  • RADIO PANEL COM1/2, NAV1/2, DME, ADF and XPDR functions.

  • SWITCH PANEL Landing Gear, Lights, Engine Power and other important aircraft functions.

  • 5-Position Magneto Dial Ignites EnginesLanding Gear Control with LED Indicators

  • 24 Individual Lights Give Real-Time Information of Aircraft and StatusChoose From 50+ Tiles Including Engine Warnings, Stall Warnings, Lights On/Off

  • INSTRUMENT PANEL 6 colorful 3.5-inch LCD screens giving you accurate, real-time access to important flight and aircraft information. 

Attitude Indicator

Heading Indicator

Turn/Slip Indicator

Vertical Speed Indicator


Airspeed Indicator


VHF Omnidirectional Radio (VOR) 1 - VHF Omnidirectional Radio (VOR) 2 - Airport Direction Finder (ADF) - Cessna Airspeed Gauge - 

ADF with Trim Indicator - RPM with Flaps Indicator - Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) 


coming soon

Fixed Base Flight Simulator

AGRONN simulation technologies will complete this project in 2017.

It is being designed as an aviation experience and training device.

Kupols simulation display
Kupols multi channel visual
Curved Screen
Kupols curved display system
Airbus A320 flight control
A320 fixed base simulator
A320 simulator
Airbus A320 visual
Airbus A320
A320 cockpit shell
Airbus Main Panel

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